The lantern bearers and other essays for scholarships

In another place he writes: Does this little figure advancing through beauty, through death, to the economical, powerful and efficient future when houses will be cleansed by a puff of hot wind satisfy you.

The lead mine undid Jones; the Marriage Act was the downfall of Wilkinson. Naturally the book cannot be compared with autobiographies of others which sprang from different motives. The columns of the bridge somehow suggest an Atlantic liner and the austere splendours of a classical temple in combination.

The shell-like covering which our souls have excreted to house themselves, to make for themselves a shape distinct from others, is broken, and there is left of all these wrinkles and roughnesses a central oyster of perceptiveness, an enormous eye.

There is much valuable advice to Sannyasins about proper meditation, real service, about who can start Ashrams and who should not, about the relation between Sannyasins and politics, the value of initiation by a Guru, and other similar matters.

I think much grossness will have evaporated. But besides those places, there was the other—his place in the very centre of the audience, facing the stage. He is naturally tempted to relax his efforts half-way. By day and by night Sussex in five centuries will be full of charming thoughts, quick, effective beams.

It was not difficult to see that the pains of mankind were mostly brought on by its own deeds. O yes, he seemed to say, death is stronger than I am. Each mind has to be handled in a special way and only the possessor of the particular mind will know from experience and practice that special way.

Then, too, she is agitated beyond what is right or reasonable, because a letter has not reached her. Indeed, look at that picture.

Autobiography of Swami Sivananda

It brings down with it a tug and two barges, whose load of straw is tightly bound down beneath tarpaulin covers. And then perhaps another cry, but less sexless, less wordless, comforted, appeased. The cry made everything seem ominous. Suddenly, from an unexpected quarter, help appeared.

The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays

The shop girl good-humouredly must have said something flattering, for suddenly her face lit up in ecstasy. At first we are inclined to resent it. He began opening box after box and shutting them again.

Its expression of the infinite Spirit through a limited medium of philanthropic work and aesthetic culture is putting a stop to the downhill trend of many features of modern civilisation.

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Her range too is larger than theirs; there is more scope and more diversity. There, too, was the melancholy Englishman, who rose among the coffee cups and the little iron tables and revealed the secrets of his soul—as travellers do.

Our educational system needs an overhaul, for it is now floating on the surface without touching the depths of man. Still as we approach our own doorstep again, it is comforting to feel the old possessions, the old prejudices, fold us round; and the self, which has been blown about at so many street corners, which has battered like a moth at the flame of so many inaccessible lanterns, sheltered and enclosed.

We must read Twelfth Night again. The mission had been gathering strength and spreading. If, however, the Oxford scholarships were awarded to recent graduates of American universities, the greatest advantage might result. The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays. Robert Louis Stevenson. $ My Remarkable Uncle.

Stephen Leacock. An American at Oxford. par John Corbin. The Lantern-Bearers and Other Essays by Stevenson, Robert Louis; Treglown, Jeremy (edited by) Condition: New with no dust jacket $ () More shipping options > Add to basket Add to wishlist E-mail a link to this book.

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Often, using computers to personal experiences. His first book, punk aesthetics and other important forms of digital artifacts.

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Bill said: Stevenson is a fine essayist, an excellent stylist who finds a middle way /5(3).

The lantern bearers and other essays for scholarships
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